South-West Champions: Muskets Battle Bristol

07/09/2020 9:16pm BST by Chris Chantrey

 Written by Joshua Farmer
The cheers of the Taunton Muskets could be heard for miles as the final strike was thrown on September 6th, securing their place as Single A South West Champions, and guaranteeing their place in the National Championship.

There was a long day of playing that led up to this historic moment, starting with the Muskets playing the Bristol Bucs. The first few innings were tight, with a strong batting and fielding presence from both teams and some well placed hits from Russell Chorley and Corey John.
Jake Palmer and Halin Rivas were strong on the mound, preventing the Bucs from pulling too far ahead, and some plays from the infield kept the score down. A couple of defensive stumbles from the Bucs, and a double play performed by Al Troake and Paul Tolhurst allowed the Muskets to regain the lead in the 5th inning. Some skillful stolen bases from Steve Coles and Konrad Slon extended the Muskets’ lead and increased the pressure on the Bucs to try and level the scoreboard.
There were opportunities later on in the match that meant the Bucs had the chance to catch up, but these chances were cut short by strong, well placed hits and 5 RBI’s from Joshua Farmer, which secured a tight 17-15 victory for the Muskets in the first match of the day.
The Muskets charged into battle, all guns blazing, against the Bristol Bats in the second game of the day with some very aggressive batting and baserunning from Kevin Snow and Scott Morse leading the rally of runs scored against the opposition.
Some speedy, skillful pitching from Andres Rivas and well-practiced plays from Jake Palmer on 1st base halted the Bats’ advances as the Muskets kept tallying up runs to widen the gap between the two teams in the 3rd inning. The Muskets’ batting dexterity was completely on display throughout the game with some well placed hits from Alan Trunks, and a perfectly performed Grand Slam by Chris Chantrey secured a second victory for the Muskets with a resounding 27-3 win.
The two victories on Sunday crowns the Muskets as BBF Single A South West Champions, and gives them a shot at the Single A National Championship  title on the weekend of the 19th of September in Bristol