Muskets Suffer Setback

24/07/2019 8:26pm BST by Chris Chantrey

The Muskets hosted three time former league champions, the Plymouth Mariners, this weekend in a close encounter at Bishop Foxs.  After winning their last seven games the Muskets went into the tie full of optimism of potentially sealing their place in the championship game.  Unfortunately the Muskets ended up succumbing to just their third defeat of the season against a well drilled Plymouth side, 21-8.

It was an enthralling encounter between the two former championship clubs with a lot of hitting and some nice pitching on display.  The Taunton side started off on the wrong foot, giving up 5 runs in the top of the 1st inning, before not registering a run of their own in the bottom of the inning.  It was a sluggish start for the Muskets, getting hits but often finding the Mariner in the field, but things began to turn around offensively.  The catalyst was a big home run from Andres in the bottom of the fourth inning, which provided the Muskets the foundation to snatch back the lead, he then produced a great three up, three down defensive display to hold onto that lead, albeit short lived.

The tide again turned against the Muskets, as a Plymouth home run and some sloppy defence gave the Mariners the momentum in the tie.  The hosts tried to rally late on, but could only muster a couple of runs against a defensively solid Mariners side.  The defeat leaves the Muskets one last chance to secure their place in the final against the Cornish Claycutters on August 4th.